Apr 14

Invitation to Kids to Send their Message to Planet Earth

Message to Planet Earth

Hey, kids!

Don’t you feel good when someone tells you how special you are?

Don’t you wish you could help make the whole world feel that good?

Well, this April 22, you can!

In celebration of Earth Day, Dhana EcoKids and Blink, Inc. invite all kids to be photographed with your Message to the World. 


What: Think what you would like to say to Planet Earth. Thank her for the Amazing Playground she offers us every day?  Say you’ll promise to take better care of her?  Whatever it is, write your words on a handmade sign. You can make it out of paper, wood, cardboard, or even a sheet. How about something recycled? Use your imagination!

Once your message is ready, we will photograph you for free with your sign. On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2014,  we will share your voice through your message across all social media platforms with all the People of the Planet.

” It’s important to give back to Planet Earth by sharing beautiful messages of love and gratitude!” says Tristan Davison, Founder and CEO, BLINK INC.

Shamini Dhana, Founder and CEO, Dhana EcoKids passionately shares her viewpoint, ” We’re excited to be sharing how kids truly feel about their home – Planet Earth, through this collaboration. It’s time to hear more from our citizens and global leaders of tomorrow – our  children.  We invite all kids around the world to share with us their Message to Planet Earth. I believe, together, kids collectively are a force for good and we can strive towards sustainability.”

Where and When:  Bring your handmade sign to:

Blink Inc logo

BLINKINC HQ, 109 Corte Madera Town Center,  Corte Madera, CA 94925

on April 22, 4-5 PM Pacific Daylight TIme.


What to Wear: Casual, hip, fun and friendly to the earth! :-)

What it Costs: This event is a gift from Dhana EcoKids, as a gift to Planet Earth.

Why? We think it’s about time to let Planet Earth know we appreciate her, don’t you? Give Thanks, Get Creative and Celebrate!

A note to parents:  When you arrive you will take photos of your child with their message to the Earth using BlinkInc’s professional equipment and backdrops. The photos will be available for purchase/download. This is an amazing way to capture your child’s message for their world.

If you plan to attend please contact us in advance so we can prepare for the excitement!

PLEASE SHARE this message with your friends and network – we think kids’ voices are important and we would like them to be heard  – Thank You.

Dhana EcoKids logo


Apr 10

Dhana EcoKids addresses topic of “Defining Ethical” at Sustainatopia

Sustainatopia logo

Dhana EcoKids founder Shamini Dhana will join Ben Skinner of Tau Investments and Brian Long of Weldon Gray next April 18th to speak on “Defining Ethical: Is there a line/Where’s the line?” at the Ethical Fashion and Sustainable Design Summit. The presentation will take place from 11:30 am -12:30 pm at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens.

The Ethical Fashion and Sustainable Design Summit is a global, ground-breaking meeting for the entire eco-system of sustainable design. In addition to honoring the accomplishments of established players in sustainable design, the event gives support to budding social entrepreneurs, many of them in the field of Ethical Fashion.

The event is being held in conjunction with Sustainatopia 2014, a week-long celebration of social, financial & environmental sustainability. Sustainatopia encompasses three major conferences, as well as numerous arts and culture events, conservation actions, discussions, and other happenings. Participants will explore critical issues in fashion, health, education, energy, women’s empowerment, water, food, and sanitation: the most important issues of our day.

If you are in the area, you are invited to stop in and join the festivities! Many of the Sustainatopia events are of general interest and are free or inexpensive. You can even show your support by purchasing a ticket to the Ethical Fashion & Sustainable Design Fashion Show next Wednesday, April 16. It is only $40 and is an excellent opportunity to get a sneak preview of the latest in ethical and sustainable fashion from top designers in the industry!

Apr 07

Dhana EcoKids is Brand Partner, Urges Action for April 24th Fashion Revolution Day #Insideout Campaign

Fashion Revolution Day #insideout logo

Wear your clothes inside out this April 24th to support the cause of workers’ rights in the fashion industry!

On April 24th 2013, 1133 men, women and children lost their lives when the Rana Plaza garment manufacturing complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over 2,500 more were injured and at least 800 children orphaned.

This year as we remember the tragedy of Rana Plaza, we remember the workers whose lives were lost – and offer our solidarity to those people still suffering as a direct result of our fashion supply chain.

As an Earth-Conscious brand for kids we believe that all humans should be treated with respect and given fair treatment in terms of wages, safety, health and well-being. We also believe in taking action to win fair, humane working conditions for everyone in our industry, and to always stand up for compassion for human life.

We urge consumers, people and kids across the globe to show their support for this cause and take action by wearing their clothes #insideout on April 24.th

This year, we are joining forces with Fashion Revolution and over a dozen ethical fashion brands to take part in Fashion Revolution Day, a campaign to raise awareness about the need for fair conditions for our workers everywhere in the world.

Let’s get the word out and join the campaign by sharing your own actions. Join the #INSIDEOUT PHOTO CONTEST April 1-24, 2014. 

Participating is easy and fun. Just snap a photo of yourself wearing at least one inside-out garment, and post it on the Fashion Revolution Facebook page. (Full instructions can be found on the contest page.)

The photos that receive the most “likes” as of midnight 4/24 will win product vouchers from us and other Brand Partners. One winner will get an opportunity to shop with nearly all of our Brand Partners for a grand prize worth over $3,000.

If you stop and ponder about the #insideout campaign, you’ll realize that it’s about how we treat people and care for the environment – the things that represent what we VALUE in life. Our actions are a reflection of what is important to us. Let’s take time to celebrate and honor the people along the way.

Together we can make a difference by rethinking the way we shop for clothes, support brands and make conscious choices.  Our clothes are a true reflection of the people of this planet – we truly are Wearin’ the World.

For more information on Fashion Revolution, including sobering fashion industry facts and what can be done to improve them, visit FashionRevolutionUSA.org.


Apr 03

Dhana EcoKids Founder Shares Her Experience in Creating Change Through Action

Dhana EcoKids founder Shamini Dhana participating in the California Climate Ride

Shamini Dhana tells the story of her action to raise climate change awareness by participating in the California Climate Ride.

SAN FRANCISCO – Societies don’t just change by themselves. Positive change is the result of individual actions. Dhana EcoKids founder and CEO Shamini Dhana will join USA Coordinator for Fashion Revolution Day Oceana Lott and Marsela Pecanac, VP of New Resources Bank, to share their personal stories of “Creating Change Through Action” in a symposium presented by the San Francisco Chapter of 85 Broads next Wednesday, April 9 at the New Resources Bank in San Francisco.

The purpose of the discussion is to encourage people to make a difference in the world by choosing to act in ways that lead to positive impact. Specifically, the principles of ethical business and ‘Conscious Consumerism’ will be addressed. These include standing up to fair treatment of workers around the globe; supporting businesses to be a force for positive change; and raising awareness of climate change and other environmental issues in the course of doing business.

85 Broads is a leading professional women’s networking organization committed to the global economic empowerment of women. Shamini Dhana has been a member of 85 Broads since 2011 and is currently President of the San Francisco chapter.

Shamini’s talk will focus on her participation in the upcoming ‘California Climate Ride,’ and how she has been able to help raise awareness about climate change and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes by taking part in this annual event. “I look at Climate Ride as a commitment to do my part every day. Participating in activities like Climate Ride is a reminder to ourselves to use the Earth’s resources responsibly, to celebrate our gifts of nature, and nourish our minds and bodies with the wealth of knowledge from the work being done by amazing non-profits helping to preserve our planet,” she says. “What better way to walk-the-talk for the brand and company I founded.”

The event will begin with registration and networking at 5:30 P.M. The program will commence at 6:30, followed by an open forum and discussion at 7:30. Appetizers and drinks will be served. Tickets are also available online, and the public is invited to attend.


Apr 01

The Gift of Nature

Look and listen and you'll be amazed

Look and listen and you’ll be amazed


“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks” ~ John Muir

What is it about Nature that attracts and inspires us to be in awe of her magnificent beauty? Perhaps it’s the mere fact that she provides us with the perfect symphony. Her ways are subtle yet transformative, gentle yet impactful, giving yet infinite in abundance.

Have you realized when we are truly in her presence, our senses are heightened, our spirit becomes alive and for a split second, we experience that connection with the life force which is real?

Welcome to the essence of life and all creativity!

The Gift of Nature is one that we celebrate every day.

We hope this series on nature’s gifts will give you insight into our world of inspiration. By sharing our insights, we hope you discover the many ways we believe that connecting our kids with nature will in fact move us toward a world of compassion, empathy and love for all life on Planet Earth.



Feb 07

Investing in Kids for a Sustainable Future

Kids are our natural ambassadors for the environment

Kids are our natural ambassadors for the environment

Meet Sean and Sebastian.
These boys are our future leaders and a generation of kids that will grow up to protect and preserve the environment they know so well today. What they consider as their natural playground is where many of their best memories are made – in the outdoors.
Inspiring kids to connect with Nature from young is the best gift of all – they learn empathy and respect for the animal kingdom, plants and fellow human beings.
We’re all about investing in our kids for a sustainable tomorrow.
To this extent, Dhana believes we can do  this by investing in kids wear – through nature-inspired designs, materials good for the environment and it’s people.
It’s time to invest in our kids wear – Together We’re Wearin’ the World

Feb 02

Kids empowered by the clothes they wear

Girls empowered by the clothes they wear

Girls empowered by the clothes they wear

Meet Sydney and Sasha.
They are kids who care about the environment and love their Natural playground  – the outdoors.
Both girls have come to realize that what you put in your mouth is as important as what you place on your bodies – both… can affect your health and also impact the people producing the products.  These girls want to know that they have contributed positively to the people making their clothes. They want to know that there were no kids involved in making their apparel, that the people were treated and paid fairly and no harm was done to the environment whilst making their clothes.
Dhana EcoKids is proud to be the brand of choice for kids that care about People and Planet. We strive for sustainability and believe that by offering Fair Trade and Organic clothing for kids, we are helping to move the dial towards a sustainable future.
Let’s empower our kids – let’s invest in the clothes they wear. Together, We’re Wearin’ the World!

Nov 08

The True Cost of Paying It Forward

Andrew with his wife Emily and four children

Andrew with his wife Emily and four children


There comes a point when you realize that there is more to life than just oneself. There is higher cause, a bigger mission and a connected universe. In this realm, we become aware of our every action, our thoughts and the rippling effect it has on the immediate, the near future. It is at this stage in our awakening that we feel within our hearts that we are part of a whole and that our ability to respond to any situation can make a difference.  With any opportunity, we have a choice to impact the future by Paying it Forward – with our voice, deeds, actions and money – and in doing so we invest in Humanity and the Circle of Life.

Discovering the making of “The True Cost” documentary is no doubt one of those opportunities where I know we all can be part of a force that will shift the thinking on the future of fashion. It is the start of a journey that will slowly unravel how we connect the dots between our choices as a consumer and that of the material world; the resources we use for our daily lives and its impact on the people involved in creating the goods we mostly take for granted. Ultimately, this project will take on a momentum as people pay it forward and stories are shared, solutions are discussed and hope is regained in creating a sustainable future.

Andrew and I continue our conversation on this remarkable project that’s bringing awareness to the global scene of apparel, commerce and its impact on our children’s future.


Dhana: How will this documentary affect children all over the world?

Andrew: Our actions today are forming the future world our children will inherit tomorrow. This film is about the opportunity we have in this critical moment to alter the way we produce and consume clothing to create a better future for our children moving forward.


Dhana: What is your view on fast fashion?

Andrew: Fast fashion is the term used to describe a type of supply chain that in most cases rewards irresponsible behavior on the part of the brand as well as the consumer. The idea of the true cost, is that there is a greater price being paid by people and places around the world then we have acknowledged. When you begin down the path of understanding the true cost of an item, it begins to unravel a fascinating story and it raises a lot of new and needed questions. Those questions are at the heart of this film.


Dhana: What message would you like to share with kids as it relates to this documentary?

Andrew: When children look at the world they see it with a sense of limitless possibility. I hope that this film serves to ignite that hope filled desire to make this world the very best home it can be for this and future generations.


Dhana: Where are you finding inspiration for your work?

Andrew: I’m inspired by the many brave men and women who are giving their lives to this work. Every day I get to talk with these people from all over the world. There is something special happening in this moment; an entirely unprecedented shift is beginning to take place. That’s inspiring!


Dhana: We believe you are “Paying It Forward” with your film – do you agree?

Andrew: I just feel so honored to tell this story. We are standing in a history defining moment here, the ground beneath us is shaking and change is truly underway.


It’s not very often we find an opportunity to align ourselves with a project that is making significant strides in the global community and poised to propel a global conversation. It’s true that we all have clothes as a common denominator and so perhaps just like technology and the web that’s allowing the convergence of shared thought; the threads of life will be celebrated by Paying it Forward.


Join the movement and Pay It Forward: The True Cost


Nov 01

Impacting our Children’s Future – “The True Cost”

Andrew Morgan with his kids

Andrew Morgan with his kids



A few weeks ago, I met Andrew Morgan, a filmmaker working on his new project in response to the Rana Plaza disaster which claimed over a thousand lives and created a ripple effect in questioning the future of fashion.  What captivated me about Andrew Morgan is his deep quest to know the truth – how did we get here and why?

I asked Andrew, a father of four to reflect on his journey in this interview –


Dhana: As a parent, how do you like this movie to have an impact on the future of our children?

Andrew Morgan: I have always loved the old perspective that we only borrow the earth from our children for a short time. What we do now directly impacts the future. We are standing in a fundamentally new space in history where we can see the impact we are having on people and the planet in real time. So the true question before us now is, in light of this information what kind of world will we choose to create and leave to our children?


Dhana: How have incidents like that of Rana Plaza tragedy impacted you and how you shop for apparel?

Andrew Morgan: Rana Plaza was the event that completely shocked me awake. Up until that time I honestly had no idea of just the extent of the problem we are facing. That event and the tragic loss of life set me on a course of learning that lead me to begin work on this film.


Dhana: What do you hope to discover in your journey of making this documentary “The True Cost”?

Andrew Morgan: I hope to learn. This is not a topic I understand fully by any means so this film really is an honest exploration. I hope to learn more about the human effects of big economic ideas in the lives of everyday workers. I hope to encounter the causes and resulting effects of irresponsible care for the planet. After months of learning about these things I am eager to experience them first hand.


Dhana: Do you think consumers have the right to demand from brands transparency in the supply chain and to what extent do you feel information should be shared with the public?

Andrew Morgan:  Transparency is the way of the future. Consumers are already demanding more and more from the companies they buy from, but the flip side is they also are strongly reward companies who openly share good supply chains. I believe that trend will continue, again we just have much more access to real time information today than at any other point in our history.


Dhana: Understanding that you are also looking for solutions and ethical brands making a difference – how optimistic are you about the future?

Andrew Morgan: I am very hopeful. We have a long history of opening our eyes to even the most complex problems and creating solutions. As I have been with pioneers and leaders around the world, I see people who are leading us forward in brave and beautiful ways. This is not the beginning; it is simply building to a true tipping point moment. This is a truly remarkable moment, and I believe there is a growing group of committed citizens who will seize it well.


Andrew and I share three things in common: parenthood, purpose and passion. We believe that our kids deserve a better future – one that is built on integrity, trust and justice for all people. We’re driven to make this planet a better place for future generations to come and one that is sustainable.

Andrew’s mission to create a documentary about the “True Cost of Fashion” has started conversations to fundamentally alter how we think, buy and shop for clothes.  We believe that every consumer has the ability to vote with their wallets and use their voices to create change.  Collectively we will impact the lives of millions and that of generations to come by making a difference in the choices we have today. The future is on sale – let’s invest mindfully!


Show your support for Andrew Morgan and Impact our Children’s Future – Back This Project —  “The True Cost”

To watch the trailer: The True Cost Documentary



Sep 27

Dhana EcoKids goes to LA for Green Steps Media’s 1st Annual Fashion Night

Green Steps Media Fashion ShowWho doesn’t love a fashion show – especially one in which all the styles are made from materials that are organic, fair trade, or in some way better for people and planet?

We are very excited to be a part of the sustainable fashion world’s hottest new event – Green Steps Media’s 1st Annual Fashion Night – next October 22nd in Los Angeles, CA.

Green Steps Media is the publisher of Natural Child World and Natural Pet World, and is hosting the event in partnership with UNICEF’s NEXT Generation.

Dhana EcoKids will join a number of other designers, including American Outfitters, Stella McCarthy Kids, Sara Blaine on the runway.  We’ll be showcasing some of our most popular Spring/Summer fashions, as well as offering a sneak preview of our Fall/Winter collection scheduled for release in 2014.

We can’t say just who, but we’re told there are likely to be more than a few celebrities in the audience, as well as top stylists, designers, and fashion trend setters. It will be fun to see who shows up! (Be sure to visit Dhana EcoKids on Facebook if you’d like the inside scoop as the event unfolds.)

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